Welcome to ADHD Achiever!

Welcome to a place for those of us with ADHD to come learn, share, and give advice in the business arena, especially online entrepreneurs. If you read my about page, you will see that I have had plenty of problems with this myself. In fact, if you were wondering just what ADHD was or if you may identify with it, go to my about page.

There is official diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5.  While it gives good basic guidelines, it is very limited. I have gathered so much more about ADHD from experts in the field. There is quite a wide range of useful research and data out there. Though sometimes it can be biased towards personal opinions that may be somewhat toxic. That will be taken with a grain of salt.

I want this site to be a positive, constructive, helpful, creative, and hopefully fun place to make us all achieve success. As we know there is plenty of negatives that come with ADHD, so I want to focus on dealing with and turning negatives into positives.

But there are the amazing positives that come with it. I’ve heard them referred to before as “Superpowers.” Each of us has our own set of both, and I want everybody to share theirs. In fact, experts say that our passion, quick action, and hyper-focus make us just right for business.

I will be blogging about my research, and my own experiences, which will include some of  my hopefully comical mishaps. Those mishaps are important for they have made me able to learn and handle them better. I hope all can learn and contribute to them.

So, if you want to contribute, read my posts and leave comments. But remember, leave nastiness behind and make it positive!